Italian Genealogical Evidence Practicum

This is a four part webinar series for the intermediate researcher in Italian genealogy. We discuss four case studies through which you’ll learn about research, sources, and evaluating genealogical evidence in Italian records. (Level: Intermediate)

Italian Genealogical Evidence Practicum from Melanie Holtz on Vimeo.

Understanding Italian Ecclesiastical (Parish) Records

This is a four-part webinar workshop where we delve into the various types of parish records that are useful for genealogical research, not just the standard baptismal, death, and marriage records. (Level: Beginner-Intermediate)

Understanding Italian Ecclesiastical (Parish) Records Workshop from Melanie Holtz on Vimeo.

The Proietti: Researching an Abandoned Child in Italy

This lecture focuses on a common problem in Italian genealogy, when our research encounters an abandoned child. Does our research end there? What resources could be used to further the research? What social and political intricacies were in play in these situations?

The Proietti: Researching an Abandoned Child in Italy from Melanie Holtz on Vimeo.

Italian Genealogy Case Study – Who Were the Ancestors of Giovanni Maria Marinoni Who Was Born About 1779 in Clusone, Italy?

In this webinar, we demonstrate how to use Italian parish records to research 17th and 18th century Italian ancestors. We’ll follow several families through time and see how given names, nicknames, and double surnames were used in this time period.

Italian Genealogy Case Study – Who Were The Ancestors of Giovanni Maria Marinoni who was born about 1779 in Clusone, Italy? from Melanie Holtz on Vimeo.

Italian Genealogy – Researching Onsite in Italy

This webinar teaches you best practices for accessing and using archives in Italy to research your Italian ancestors.

Italian Genealogy – Researching Onsite in Italy from Melanie Holtz on Vimeo.


The Family Tree Italian Genealogy Guide: How to Trace Your Family Tree in Italy

The Family Tree Italian Genealogy Guide is the complete and up-to-date reference material on on the market today. Want to learn how to research your Italian ancestors? Want to learn about the history of your ancestors, find out where they were born, and explore where they came from? Do you want to learn how to find the Italian documents you need for your citizenship application? All can be found in this book and more!

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“I wish I had this book years again when I was trying to research my Italian history. Since I am Italian on both sides of my family and fell in love with Italy 20 years ago I had to research my Italian heritage the hard way, it would have been much easier if I had this book then. The background and cultural pit falls that one might find are easily explained and a solution for them clearly written helping you to find the information you need.

“Millions of us have Italian ancestors who came to the US in the 1800s and 1900s. For those of us who are interested in finding out more about these immigrant ancestors as well as their lives and families back in Italy, this book is an essential tool! Besides being written in a clear and easy to follow style, the book outlines a step-by-step approach to researching our Italian ancestors in a way that would help any of us be more efficient and productive. The chapters are well defined with key points and research skills outlined at the end of each chapter. The author provides insights into Italian history, geography and law that are critical to fully understanding the records she will help us discover. The book also contains many up-to-date resources and examples to follow. I have been researching my Italian ancestors for about four years, but I have still learned a great deal from reading this book. I only wish I had it right from the start!


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Italian Research Guides for Genealogical and Historical Research

Lo Schiavo Genealogica is proud to announce their current and upcoming publications of Italian Research Guides, designed to help you further your genealogical and historical research in Italy. The research guides are full of valuable information about the collections held in Italy’s archives, libraries, historical societies, and other repositories within each province. They also include information on access, regulations, permissions, and other information useful in gaining access to these resources!

The Italian Research Guides will be available in the following e-reader formats: Kindle, iBooks, Nook, Kobo, and GooglePlay. Having the guides in an electronic format will make them easier to transport and consult while researching onsite in Italy!